Indo Noir Fair Trade Organic
Indo Noir Fair Trade Organic [Triple Cert]

This Indonesian mix produces an intriguing, wild, grown-up flavor with herbal notes that sneak through the deeper body and roastiness. The Indo Noir mix easily serves double duty. As espresso we recommend a 1.0 ounce shot pulled 25-28 seconds. If you enjoy cafe au lait and own a french press, try brewing Indo Noir using 1/2 hot water and 1/2 hot milk. It is a little more difficult to clean the screen but well worth the effort. Let's hear your reviews. Recently we have been able to source the right farms to make Indo Noir Organic certified. Kosher as well.aragraph here.

​​​Nicaragua Las Hermanas Women lead cooperative & Organic
Medium roast with an enjoyable big flavor, crisp taste and floral aroma. French roast style.

café & Wine bistro

Blue Sky, Fair Trade & Organic
This "Global Cooperative Mix"
Originally designed to be a tribute to the coffeehouses of days gone by with their smokey dialogue of progress. We choose from our fresh seasonal favorites certified of organic coffees, roast them  dark to impart a smokey flavor and lasting caramelized finish. This coffee stands up to milk, sugar, or even a hookah. Organic Blue Sky Blend promotes a sustainable farm structure, healthy living, 

Blue Sky Organic Coffee Beans